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ALL Ice Warriors MUST read this post

We have had 1 event in the past month. 1 event. It is clear that Ice Warriors are not doing well, but the only way we can fix that is with your help.

Usually, an active count is to find out who is currently attending events, but we aren’t having events right now. This active count is going to find out who could attend events if we hold them.

Are you checking the website frequently?

If we started scheduling daily events, would you attend them?

If the answer to both of those is yes, then you can fill in the active count. (note: the active count ends in one week, at midnight GMT on Saturday the 28th)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

As all of you may know, today is Thanksgiving! And thats why I came here just to write this short post to wish all of you and your families a very happy Thanksgiving! I really hope you enjoy this time with all your families and Friends and that you have a great time (and enjoy the food xD)!



From Alex42152 and all Ice Warriors Staff

Lol @ Kingfunks4

That moment when Funks needs multilogs like Fever20 to ensure success, but that’s none of my business.

Quick Post [Read]

Just want to address something real quick

Let me make something very clear, Ghost and everyone else in my “crew” (Final, Spy, Flame) have never been carried by me or anyone else for that matter. IW isn’t doing well not because our current leadership sucks, but because no one simply cares anymore. I don’t think anyone in this army actually truly cares anymore. I’ve been on the chat for the past few days, and no one and i mean no one has even attempted to announce an event or even welcome a recruit. It is PATHETIC. There is no reason to not do both of those things. It is so easy to welcome a recruit and to announce an event we have that day or even in a few days.

This army has tons of potential but none of you are trying hard enough to be at the top of this community. So the point is, don’t just sit around and expect the leaders to carry this army around.. as a troop of this army you’re also responsible for the the state of it.

Kings Never Die

That’s that it for now,

-Andrew24 Your Biological father

The SWAT Sage: Exposed Again

I decided to test if this recruit called swat_superfly6 was in fact a real troop so I pretended to be Badboy and banned him. Look what happens here:

Notice how as soon as I ban swat_superflight Ganger goes offline? It was his null and more proof of him multilogging.

I looked at recent SWAT events and looked for “superflight” and of course he was there.

Great event! [US Battle against ACP]

Hey, Ice Warriors!

Today’s event was excellent, we maxed 16 and averaged 15. We showed off ACP on whos the stronger army! 

Credit to Daisybloom for the pictures.


Ice Warriors 2ic


Greetings Ice Warriors,

Today marks the start of Operation Christmas Chaos. Our aim is to win the Christmas Chaos Tournament and establish our place as the greatest army in all of Club Penguin. Our first battle will be against the Dark Warriors. Ice Warriors have been dormant for over a month and we haven’t shown our true strength for a long time. Our time is now, we will defeat any army or anything that stands in our way. I promise you that we will win this tournament, but to do this we will need YOUR help. Every troop, every owner, every leader must work harder than they have ever worked in their career. I believe in this army and I believe in what we can accomplish. If we win this there will be a lot of rewards including memberships and xats which are the currency used to buy powers such as nameglow. Armies view us a joke and as a once great army that has fallen, but we will prove every hater wrong when we win this tournament. Our success is up to YOU, the troops. Work hard and we will will win this. Make as much recruiting penguins as possible for Cargo and recruit harder than you have in your life.

Operation Christmas Chaos Starts Now


Good bye Tax1

Tax has been removed from the leadership because he basically gave up on IW and left them to die when they we were in a state of inactivity.

The Current leadership consists of me(Cargo),Ghost, and Pj.

~Cargo IW leader


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