We’re down, but not out [EVENTS] [Updated]

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4. Practice Battle: Ice Warriors vs. ACP

Date: Sunday, April 20th

Server: Sub Zero, Berg


8:00 PM GMT

3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

Hello everyone,

To keep things simple, I have decided to make a TEMPORARY return to the Ice Warriors [ONE WEEK ONLY]. This is due to three reasons:

1. Owners are missing/on vacation.

2. Ice Warriors are not a top-tier army as of 4/13/14.

3. I have the time to help out.

Now then, we must waste no time in getting back on track. I have only one week to get this great army up and going. Judging by what has been going on, we need to work on recruiting and gaining back lost troops. Having SUCCESSFUL and ORGANIZED events can be done if we WORK TOGETHER and FOCUS. Any fights and disruptions will of course not aid to this cause, so I ask that you all do your part.



Let’s prove our dominance together,



Ice Warriors vs Light Troops [Results]

Hello everyone,

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Puffle Party 2014 Review

Loading screen for Puffle Party 2014

Loading screen for Puffle Party 2014


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Successful Recruiting Event

Greetings, Ice Warriors

Today we had a recruiting event on Arctic where we saw a max of 20 and an average of 15 with near perfect tactics. We’re on our way back to the top. Try your best to attend the battle tomorrow as it will increase your chances of being promoted this month.

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Survivor: Chapter 4!

Hey everyone, Raven here, back with another chapter of Survivor! I added some action and romance into this chapter to make the story a little more dramatic. However, it will get a little gory and bloody at the end, so those who aren’t a fan of violence, I suggest not reading this chapter. Well, enjoy! [Next Chapter will be up on: 24/4/14]

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Back on Track [ USA Recruiting/Training Event Results]

Hey Ice Warriors,

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The Blues vs. the Pinks…How Lovely [IW vs WV Results]

Hey Ice Warriors,

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UK Recruiting Session Results

Hi IW, 

As we continued our recovery from our shocking blip last week, we did fairly well today at the UK event as we went back to our ways the week before that by maxing 18 and averaging 15. I am very happy with the results, but let’s remember what Tes said and when we have events, focus on the event and listen to what the owners say because today the focus was a bit off despite us needing to be focused on recovering to full strength. Also, to the UK moderators – we are short on UK owners and looking for a new 3ic due to the fact it’s just Loot and I left now following some retirements, so step up your game and you could get that spot. Here are my pictures from the event, that took place on Abominable:

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