Chat Recruiting Post #3

Albcoolio edit- I recommend all troops who are staffs in another army chat to banish Lord Pain. Pain has previously advertised on the Ice Warriors main chat on his own account. If you are a non-IW troop and just reading, I suggest you tell your leader to ban Lord Pain if you want to help eliminate chat recruiters from your chat. It is a shame to see a leader of a close ally chat recruiting on our chat… even chat recruiting in general.

It is time for a bit of a rant.  This is a mandatory-read post for all moderators and owners.  The rules were put in place by an owner, and so it is up to the leaders discretion if the rule stays or not.  For now though, it will be enforced.

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IW vs LT War Count

Owners, please update this whenever you can.

IW: 7     LT: 0

Wins: Invasion of Husky 8/25/14, Invasion of Hockey 8/26/14, Invasion of Outback 8/26/14, Invasion of Crunch 8/27/14, Invasion of Snow Globe 8/27/14, Invasion of Sleet 8/28/14, Invasion of Chinook, 8/29/14





Greetings Ice Warriors,

After winning this Legends Cup tournament against the Nachos and getting second in the Top Ten once again, we have declared war on the Light Troops. This week we will be invading their empire, and I ask every single Ice Warrior to try their best to be here for the upcoming invasions.

It is time to wipe out the Light Troops empire…



Meet at the town


7:00 pm EST

6:00 pm CST

5:00 pm MST

4:00 pm PST

12:00 am UK

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#HATTRICK_YEAR – Legends Cup Final Results

After 4 weeks of working hard, recruiting hard, beating some of the best armies around, we had the final today. Today we BEAT THE NACHOS to win the Legends Cup for a THIRD TIME! We have won in our #Hattrick_Year and with amazing sizes. We MAXED SIZES OF 50 and AVERAGED 45. Our tactics were superb and we had to fight for a whole hour to get to victory – due to overtime. In my opinion we won at least two/three of the battle rooms that we were win and we were amazing. We did Iceyfeet, the army, the history and yourselves proud. Congratulations – we have won again.

Click ‘Read More’ for pictures. Regarding the prizes, purple was given out today and we will be giving out the xats when we get them from CPAC – likely tomorrow. Owner was given out today as well and you deserved all the rewards given!!

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AUS Annhilation of Light Troops [7-0]

Today we had our invasion of Chinook and we now officially welcome Chinook into our servers page we maxed 14 and averaged 11 we had good tactics Light Troops gave us a wonderful battle they tried so hard by maxing 1 #sarcasm we did well. This event was lead by myself with assistance from Max and Raven we had really good tactics from time to time. This was a pretty straight forward battle if on honest.

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Invasion of Sleet![Success]

Today we successfully invaded yet once again another server from the Light Empire, the server Sleet. In this war, the Light Troops thought it is okay to attend only two invasions that we had scheduled- but ignore the rest. Apparently their empire is a invasion free zone… Light Troops… at least log on for the event. Anyways, today we maxed 27 troops online and averaged a decent size of 24. Good job Ice Warriors… let’s make the war score 7-0 tomorrow.

Pictures of the Invasion:

(Note: Not many pictures were taken at this invasion. I recommend downloading Light Shot)

Screenshot at Aug 28 15-14-22 Screenshot at Aug 28 15-16-09 Screenshot at Aug 28 15-17-11 Screenshot at Aug 28 15-18-07



Albcoolio- Ice Warriors Second in Command

Club Penguin – Frozen Party.[UPDATED]

Hey Ice Warriors,

TO LEADERS: My other post of Frozen Party has been deleted and l was hoping that if you can restored it, so l can put this post into that post. Thanks.

Club Penguin has updated the new room that allows you to go to Ice Palace where the path are in the Forts! Click read more for the new background and room!

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Invasion of Snow Globe[Success]

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today we invaded another server from the Light Empire, Snow Globe. Once again, the LT were a no a show for the entire 30 mins and we invaded the server for the whole 30 mins which makes the War Score 5-0. We maxed 24 and averaged 22. Good job Ice Warriors- we are still undefeated in this war!

Pictures of the battle:

Screenshot at Aug 27 19-00-12 Screenshot at Aug 27 19-08-54 Screenshot at Aug 27 19-11-34 Screenshot at Aug 27 19-13-05 Screenshot at Aug 27 19-14-00 Screenshot at Aug 27 19-15-09 Screenshot at Aug 27 19-18-56 Screenshot at Aug 27 19-20-32 

Screenshot at Aug 27 20-02-06


Albcoolio- Ice Warriors of Second Command

AUSIA Invasion of Crunchy [Results]

Hello Ice Warriors, 

Today we invaded the server Crunchy from the Light troops empire, yet another part of their empire taken. We managed to successfully invade the server, making it our own with the Light troops not showing up yet again. We maxed 18 and averaged 15. Our tactics were pretty good. The event was led by Kingfunks and Raven. Good job Ice Warriors! The war score is now 4-0!

Here are some pictures from the event: 

Until next time, Gtudsd – Ice Warriors Second In Command


EDIT: Ben added pics at the bottom 

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today we successfully invaded the server Outback from the Light Empire! Light Troops were a “no show”… we would’ve beaten them anyway, we had more troops on CP then the amount of users are on their chat. This makes the war score 3-0 now. On Outback, we maxed 24, and averaged 20. GOOD JOB ICE WARRIORS!

Pictures of the event! :

Screenshot at Aug 26 19-02-25

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