My Retirement

Hey everybody, Aqua here.

As you can tell by the title, I have chosen to finally retire. Its not because I was demoted only shortly before, but because I clearly dont have the time to be active in CP armies and have just lost interest in them. I love the Ice Warriors dearly and will always be an Ice Warrior. Throughout time I have made great friends and everyone in the Ice Warriors to me is part of my big, wonderful family. It has been a pleasure working for Icey, Albert, and Bears, as I have lived through three historical generations of the Ice Warriors. I would just like to thank afew people before I go on about my past in the Ice Warriors.

I’m at a loss of words, so dont go “what the hell” When I couldnt think of anything to write for the names, only that they’re cool and nice.

Jessicajo – She was my first friend, and although none of you guys probably know her, she was like a sister to me.

DaleboxtelAlmost made his name davidboxtel. Bad memory. We would argue and bicker, but I know you and I are close like brothers.

JackNice kid. We were best friends for a long while, and hopefully our legacies will live on together (Mostly mine, Hopefully.)

Albert417It was great working alongside you, knowing that you’re retired now, I am happy to join you in a wonderful world called retirement. You’re like a brother to me, and thank you for being there. 

Iceyfeet1234You are one cool guy. Thanks for starting everything for me, because its been one hell of a ride.

BearsboyYou helped keep IW alive, and for that I can thank you for. Though I dont appreciate the sudden demotion, I guess it was long deserved for me.

AliciaIt seems like were retiring together, as the rumor has it. Well, I’ve told you some of my darkest secrets and its only in my benefit if you keep them. We’ve been through thick and thin, and I’m glad to have said that you are probably one of the coolest chicks in CP armies. By the by, you’re gay.

TesOkay testes, Honestly I dont really have anything to say about you, only that I wish you good luck and I hope you do well as 2ic.

BenWell, we’ve argued quite a bit, but I’m just glad we settled it and agreed as individuals. I’m glad we became friends before I retired, or it would have been pretty bad trying to gain your friendship in the long run.

RavenpawYou know, even though we hardly talk, I’d always thought of you as a good friend.

Christohper1You’re pretty crazy, and honest to god I still dont know if you’re a guy or a girl (Though I’m set on guy). Anyway, thanks for picking me to be your new Albert, and for being there when I needed you most.

Cecedayumn nigga u scaree as al shit dayme gurl u kno blak people scaree me liek frye chiken on da fuqking grill ya hurr? In translation, Thanks for being a cool girl Cece and scaring the living shit out of me.

Uni – Thanks for helping me get 4ic and helping me achieve everything. I wouldnt have gotten very far in the Ice Warriors if it werent for you.

Here are some other great people that I didnt mention that were in the Ice Warriors.

Jango, Matt, Aj, Bbonie, Katie, Kingjared, Hershaaaaaay, Gordy, And all of the Ice Warriors.

I’d also like to thank the others in different armies other than my home. These people are also recognised as some of my greatest friends.


Saw, Unknown, Spi, Pufpuf, Dolphin, Jessie, Crazy, Mattg, Starz, Reeces2012, Reece, Ioioluk, Jose, Supra, Waterkid100, Acefirken, And some other people.


Burrito, Vinny, Jay, Mustapha, Shanaynay, Shivertwotoes, Cassisbrutus, Flipmoo, Mchappy, Kingfunks4, Puckley, And some other people.

I’d just like to thank all the people who have helped me in CP armies, and everyone else who have helped CP armies flourish these past years that CP armies have been alive. Without everyone’s cooperation, CP armies couldnt have possibly existed, and neither could have the Ice Warriors. Alright, now I’d like to go into a bit of my background as to what happened when I first joined in the Ice Warriors, and my last requests.

Well, I started off at the lowest rank at the time, Warrant Officer, and made my way up just as anyone else did. It wasnt until afew months after I joined (February 4th, 2011), that I got brigadier general, the first mod rank. Beleive me, I was so amazed on how I got that rank that I talked about it to my friends all day the next day in real life. They all thought I was nuts, But hey, I was in what, the 5th grade? Everyone had something weird or strange about them. Anyway, After that it was just a ride on a roller coaster. I got added to the site after I accheived highest mod along with Cece and Dale, and then the 4ic elections came up. There were 5 canidates, and to this day I cant name any of them except for Cece Dale and I. There were 3 slots open, and obviously, us 3 got the slots. We became the legendary trio of our time, and it was pretty cool. Getting 3ic was sortof a blur, I think I just randomly got it out of nowhere. It was pretty strange that I couldnt remember any of it, but it was about a year ago, so how am I supposed to remember? Anyway, the day I got 2ic was when Jojo retired. It was a great day, but also a sad day, as Jojo retired. Now, I’m not a person to cry over things, so I mostly spent the time celebrating and cheering that I was finally 2ic. After that I just did afew events, went through THREE generations of IW, and probably lived the life other army leaders dream of being in the Ice Warriors. It was probably the best 3 years of my life.

But then it all went. I lost interest in CP armies, I started getting lazy, skipping events and not doing as Bears told me. I really got bored with them, and academics/sports werent helping either. I let both the Ice Warriors an myself down. I was demoted to Highest mod, and I was in that position. But it opened a door for me. Something that I had been dreaming of for years and wishing for, but never had the guts to do it. I could finally retire, with no upsets or nothing. So I accepted the offer, and left. And this all happened yesterday. I’m not upset about being demoted. I’m not angry at anyone for wanting me demoted. Because I embraced it, and accepted it as my fate. And hey, If the Ice Warriors don’t want me, I’m the only one I can blame. But I’ve been planning on retiring for ages, the insight of getting leader blocking my vision on what I really wanted to do. So Thank you. Thank you Icey, Ben, Tes, and Bears, all of the owners at that meeting, for helping me realize what I had to do in order for IW to do well.

So thank you.

Thank you Bears, Ben, Icey, Tes, Everyone in IW, Everyone in DW, Everyone in CP armies.

Because we’ve all accomplished great things together.

And whether its a noob’s work, or an amazing leader’s work,

Were all legends in our hearts.

And I’m glad I was a part of this great, big, happy family.

So Thank you.

Signing off for a final and last time,


ƒσямєя ιω 2ι¢

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18 Responses

  1. Best of luck in life to you friend.

  2. BUT IM A GIRL, AQUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well I remember when I thought you were a girl >:D

  4. Bye Aquq


  6. Aww, Aqua I’m sad to see you go bro. Good luck in life.

  7. “We’re all noobs in different ways…” I knew you would turn out to be one hell of a character, and you certainly left your mark in the IW =p

  8. Am I the only one who retired without making a post ?

  9. Goodbye Aqua, many will miss you :)

  10. bye Aqua u can still party on our chat if u wanna and remember water starters forever

  11. What about meee Rocky mans

  12. See you sometime, retirement bud. By the way, you’re gay. ;)

  13. everyone is retiring(ono)

  14. Aqua noooooooooooooooooo :<

    Oh well, good luck in life, we will miss you. <3

  15. this is complete and utter bullshit fuck you bears

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