UK/USA Events: 5th – 11th of May

>>> Click Here for the AUSIA Events <<<

Hey Ice Warriors,  We’ve already started this week with a huge bang, maxing nearly 40 at a UK/USA Joint event on Sunday, a PB with RPF and 2 great 15+ AUSIA events. We need to continue this start into what needs to be a fantastic week for us and make a push for the top three. Make sure you comment to which events you can come to.

Red = USA // Blue = UK // Black = Both




Server: TBA


8:00pm UK

3:00pm EST

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

-Kingfunks4 IW UK Leader & 2ic

7 Responses

  1. I can come to all UK + Joint events

  2. 1.yes

  3. most if not all :D

  4. I Can Attend The Uk and the joint events but definitely not USA events

  5. I’ll make it to Fridays and Saturdays :)

  6. please excuse my absence, I currently don’t have a computer to go on. I will get one soon, or just to make this short, I have to temp retire for about the rest of the month sorry =(

  7. Any news on what rank I would get (for tes and/or icey)?

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