Recruiting Event Results

Greetings Ice Warriors,

Today we had a Recruiting Event on Slushy where we saw a max of 23 with an average of 20. The event was mostly led by Funks, Gtu, and Myself. This was a pretty decent event, make sure to comment if you attended it.

IW doing an E+2 tactic.

Total of 22 troops.

IW doing an E+P tactic.

And this picture was provided by Tes.

If you made this event make sure to COMMENT, it’s very important for us to know who is active, and who is coming to these events, try your best to attend the next recruiting event tonight which is at 8 EST, 7 CST, 6 MST, and 6 PST.

Until Next Time,

~Lootking, Ice Warriors Second In Command

8 Responses

  1. i came

  2. Great picture contribution tes :D
    I came

  3. I came

  4. I made it

  5. i came

  6. Why was I banned on the chat? I said nothing wrong.. -Frozenmoonlight

  7. I came

  8. I only attended for 5 Minutes. :(

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