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[AUSIA] PB vs RPF Results

Hi IW, 

I didn’t come to it myself, but it’s come to my attention that we had a PB with the Rebel Penguin Federation at AUSIA times. Although we lost and didn’t have the best of sizes – remember that RPF have one of the strongest AUSIA forces and we are still growing our own. We averaged 8 and maxed 11 in an event that was lead by Lion P and Iceyfeet. Unless someone else provides a picture the only one we have is from the RPF site:

Lion P Edit: Here are the pictures I have:

A nice jokes tactic.

E+T! Sorry about the smell… :3

A friendly E+Z (Pizzas) tactic! 🙂

Comment If you Came!

-Kingfunks4 IW UK Leader & UK 2ic


3 Responses

  1. First :3

    I had to go right when the event started… :< AUSIA still did very well. 😛


  3. You did well!

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